Tuck2000 Mail Re-Launched!

You can now access your mail by going to http://mail.tuck2000.com to access the new service. The service is hosted by Google and has all the benefits of a normal Gmail account - but white-labeled with the Tuck2000.com address. All your old aliases are still active. With the Google hosting, you get all the great Gmail features:

  • Web Access
  • Forwarding / POP
  • Mobile Access (e.g. iPhone / Android / Blackberry)
  • Generous mail quota
  • Fully self-service - You don't need to e-mail me anymore to change settings

For technical reasons, everyone has to get a mail.tuck2000.com password. I have mailed this out to everyone, but if you can't find it, just send me an e-mail by clicking here: