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I got the following e-mail from Bryan Falchuk T'06 about a new web site for the Tuck community.


I'm a Tuck 2006, and have built a web community for current students, alumni, partners, faculty and staff, and wanted to share it with you and your class. It's called It's a place where Tuckies can share news, stay in touch, plan events, network for jobs (the Career Office will be posting in the site regularly), and more. I have the support of the school, and have launched it to current students already. I think there's more value in the concept for alumni, so I was hoping you both would be willing to help me announce it to your class.

For alumni, I think a great use is event planning. While there are several local Tuck clubs, what if you're traveling out of town, and want to get together with other Tuckies, or see if there's a Tuck event where you're going? Currently, there's really nowhere to look for something like that. There's also no way to share news like births, marriages and other milestones like alumni could while still here (in Stell or through the Tuck Times). Lastly, we're giving away an iPod, so if nothing else, there's always that!

I'd love to have your help on this however you are willing to provide it.

Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing back from both of you.

Bryan Falchuk
Tuck 06