Permann on Shank

Thoughts on the passing of John Shank by Mark Permann

Professor Shank had many sayings I enjoyed, the two most memorable of
which were "Marginal thinking leads to marginal results" and "When does
the long run start? The long run starts today." The latter was the basis
of the automobile license plate I had my second year, LR2DAY,which
now hangs framed above my desk.

John had the insight and courage to question unexamined and overextended
beliefs, and the burden of spreading his wisdom to those around him. His
tactics were not universally loved by his students or colleagues. These
things comprised his humanity for me, and I admire him greatly because I
saw no small amount of myself in it.

What I loved about John's teachings was that they were not merely
principles of business administration; rather, they were principles of
how to live. I can think of no higher honor to claim for a Tuck

I thank his colleagues, friends and family for supporting him,
for enabling him to be the man that he was.


Which means, "it is written", or, he fulfilled his destiny.