Memories of Prof. Shank

Here are some other things you've written about Prof. Shank.

Jerry Newton:
"Hi, I'm John Shank and everything is all f'cked up"
"Any manager who thinks that his product is a commodity gets what he deserves"

Doug Macauley:
Easily my favorite professor at Tuck and perhaps in my entire academic career.

Was it you (Mark Permann) that he chewed out in class for not being able to do "Public Math"? That was a memorable moment for me! He then rambled on about the state of America's students at Arithmetic.... What a speech he gave.

My favorite phrase he would say was.... "It's your day! Come on down!"
Favorite because everytime I heard that it was someone else....
Until finally...

Mark Permann:
Yes, it was me he chewed out re: public math. I would say I remember that at least once a month at work, when I'm in a meeting and we're trying to sketch out rough numbers in our heads. I frequently say "I'm no good at public math." It's a nice crutch.

Alastair Bor:
I still use the 'cow' case to explain the complexity of strategic accounting... who should pay for feeding and slaughtering a cow? The butcher? Or the tanner?